Palo Alto is committed to conservation and certifies its forests under FSC

Palo Alto is a pioneer in the world in certifying its forest heritage under FSC certification for conservation purposes, thus demonstrating its commitment to the conservation of its native forest and the preservation of its biodiversity.

Palo Alto today has 1,397 hectares of native sclerophyllous forest in the Maule Valley, and 546 of them are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified (FSC ® - C154029). This certification commits us to work on a series of conservation actions, including having a forest fire prevention plan, restoration of degraded areas, monitoring the biodiversity present, among others.

The FSC certification of our forests is part of the various initiatives that Palo Alto contemplates in its Native Forest Conservation Program, through which the winery seeks to maintain, protect and enhance the native sclerophyllous forest in a continuous and sustained effort over time.

Other actions that Palo Alto directs as part of this effort are carbon quantification studies, restoration and nursery activities for native trees, as well as the formation of an alliance with the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) in 2020, in order to work together in the prevention of forest fires and in the promotion, development and restoration of native forests.

Palo Alto carries out these conservation efforts not only within its own vineyards, but also in locations near them, meaning a direct contribution to the community.

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