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Our Origin

“Palo Alto” is the popular name given to espino, a native tree that covers the hills of the Maule Valley, in the Seventh Region of Chile. It is common knowledge to local farmers that where Palo Alto grows you can find the optimum conditions to produce superior wines.

That is where our name comes from, and it is in those areas where we planted our four vineyards, from which we produce representative wines of Maule Valley’s rich diversity of climates and soils.

Sustainable Commitment

  • We use environmentally-friendly supplies.
  • Organic waste from the winemaking process is turned into compost (organic material) and used as fertilizer in the vineyards, to restore and add nutrients to the soil.
  • Water used in the winemaking process are treated and, once clean, returned to the Claro River.
  • We preserve 282 hectares of native forest in Villa Alegre, in order to support the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Maule Valley.
  • We launched the winery’s first organic product.
  • The Bosque Palo Alto Patagonia campaign completed the planting of 10,000 trees in Chilean Patagonia.
  • Today we are promoting our Water Campaign, to help different communities in Chile that have difficulty accessing drinking water.

Reforestation Project in Patagonia

Palo Alto’s sustainable commitment began in 2012 with the Bosque Palo Alto Patagonia campaign, through which more than 10,000 trees were planted in order to contribute to the reforestation and care of Chilean Patagonia’s ecosystem.

  • The forest is located in the California Valley, in the heart of Chilean Patagonia. Immersed between mountains and rivers, this forest is composed of ñirre, lingue and coihue, native trees that contribute to a better living habitat for the wide range of flora and fauna.
  • Deforestation is the second major cause of climate change. Bosque Palo Alto Patagonia is a reforestation and biodiversity project that seeks to help reduce high concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere, enhance the natural environment for flora and fauna, and control soil erosion, among many other benefits.
  • In line with this effort, Viña Palo Alto also has 282 hectares of native forest in the Villa Alegre vineyard, to contribute to the conservation of Maule Valley’s flora and fauna.

New Campaign Enjoy Wine, Give Water!

Palo Alto strengthens its commitment to sustainability through a new campaign to facilitate access to water for different communities.

Enjoy Wine, Give Water! is the claim of the new campaign that Viña Palo Alto is promoting in more than 35 countries. Through this initiative, the winery wants to go to help different locations in Chile who have difficulty accessing drinking water by installing water towers and distributing millions of liters of this vital resource to thousands of families.

Winemaking Philosophy

Palo Alto seeks to express and promote Maule Valley’s different areas, making each wine a true representative of their origin. Héctor Urzúa, chief winemaker of Palo Alto, is a devoted fan of Maule Valley and the wide diversity of this region. Throughout the years, Héctor has carefully studied the valley’s various areas, aiming to develop a portfolio of reserve and superior wines of outstanding quality and distinctive of their origin. The assembly of different varieties is an essential feature in all of Palo Alto’s red wines, seeking to express the best of Maule Valley. Palo Alto Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and Sparkling seduce with their sparkling freshness, demonstrating the potential of this valley for the production of a wide diversity of varieties.

Ask the winemaker

“With Palo Alto I wanted to show Maule Valley’s great versatility, looking for the different areas to give our wines a unique stamp: Intense, brilliant color that captivates with their fruit, good body and outstanding freshness”. Héctor Urzúa

Maule Valley

Viña Palo Alto comes from Maule Valley, the largest wine region of Chile and with the longest winemaking tradition in the country. Our wines are produced with grapes from four vineyards -Lourdes, Villa Alegre, Mariposas and El Boldo- located in different areas of the valley, each with distinctive climate and soil, which allows obtaining the best expression of each variety. The area has clay loam soils, gentle slopes and hillsides that provide fresh winds and wide temperature variation between day and night, ideal conditions for fresh, fruity, full-bodied wines.

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El Boldo

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Villa Alegre

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